Strategic Cold Email Automation

Email isn’t dead. And it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Our proven approach drives engagement through automated, personalized messages thoughtfully designed to create a more cohesive and meaningful brand experience.

Why Cold Email Prospecting & Automation

Cold Emailing, unlike any other marketing channel, touches every stage of the funnel. It should be leveraged across the entire sales funnel and beyond to maximize the ROI of every touchpoint.

On average 62% emails aren't opened by the users!

Our audits help us identify these gaps so we can quickly jump in and fix them.

We’ve combined the power of critical thinking into a magical formula to drive both efficiencies and growth to your cold email campaigns.

Our Process

Email Setup

Scraping Leads


Automation build and execution

Data Analysis

A/B Test & Optimization

Frequently Asked Questions about cold emailing

Not to confuse with email marketing. Cold Email Prospecting is a cold lead outreach identified within your ICPs and reached out to via email automation and follow-ups.

There are many tools can that be used for this, but we use Lemlist as this not only sends emails, but also warms up your domain to deliver your emails to inbox folder and avoid spam/junk folder. Moreover, you can automate your follow ups via LinkedIn

Cold Email Prospecting can be used not only for lead generation, but also for brand awareness, increase subscribers and other partnership opportunities. It's certainly is worth it if used correctly.