Problem & Objective

The Education Foundation of Ottawa (EFO) is an independent registered charity (est. 2005) which raises funds to support the needs of students in the OCDSB.

The problem they were facing was collecting a certain amount of donation in a short period of time, especially during the pandemic. After cities being locked down they weren’t able to do table booth anymore and had to focus on their objective online.

Organic posts have not been enough to reach their donation amount goals, so
they had to try paid ads campaigns in hopes to reach their goals.

Solution we provided

We launched campaigns in both Facebook and Twitter and tested out the audience reaction on those 2 platforms. Both have received a high number of video views and clicks and also donations. We further tested different creatives and finally kept Facebook campaign running.
Within a 3 months’ period, EFO received around $3000 in donations, making that around 5 times more than what has been spent on ads.

Out of 164 clicks to the landing page, it was still a great success collecting $3K in donations, the audience were very well targeted and the ad delivered a clear message to donate today.

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