Expand your sales pipeline with a LinkedIn B2B Strategy

Reach your most qualified prospects on the world’s largest professional network

LinkedIn Advertising company that helps you get highly qualified leads from LinkedIn.

Do LinkedIn ads work for everyone?

LinkedIn ads are not profitable for every business. But that’s the truth of advertising platforms, so you need a marketing agency that knows which platform works well for your business according to your goals

LinkedIn Targeting

Through these options we can easily target our right audience

Company Name


Company size


Member age

Member gender

Years of Experience

Job function

Job seniority

Job title

Member skills


Fields of study

Member schools

Member groups

Why Unfoldify?

Running the ad is a small part of the game. There are a lot more things that make a successful ad campaign. We have all the resources from highly experienced marketers to professional designers, video editors, and copywriters. These all combined make an ad campaign successful.

What makes our LinkedIn Ads management unique?

Sponsored posts, retargeting ads, text ads… You name it, we have the experience with them all. Our PPC marketing agency has been around for years with experience in LinkedIn advertising. If you’re looking for someone to take your digital marketing efforts to the next level then you need experts to run your LinkedIn Ads. You’ve come to the right partner.

As your digital marketing partner, we can take care of all your PPC advertising needs. We are not a full-service agency; we specialize in PPC marketing channels and can advertise your business on additional platforms such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Email. We pull these channels together into one cohesive full-funnel strategy. Whatever your online marketing needs are, as your marketing partner we have your back

LinkedIn Advertising Pros and Cons

We will only recommend and manage social media platforms we are confident will help you achieve your business goals and are supported by hardwork.

We have managed hundreds on clients over the years, so we know how to look at your specific industry, company size, sales model, and other important factors to determine which platforms are most advantageous for your company.

Incredibly high-quality targeting

LinkedIn’s professional network allows you to hone your audience down to very specific demographic labels such as job titles, function, seniority, specific companies, and even specific people

Most trusted social media platform

LinkedIn is the online living resume of working professionals. People take this platform very seriously.

Cross-channel friendly

LinkedIn Profile Targeting allows you to deliver Microsoft Ads to targeted users based on their professional profiles. This is a great opportunity to enhance your full-funnel marketing strategy.

Huge opportunity for the right connections

If you’re a B2B company, you’re out to target business professionals and LinkedIn is made up of 380 million of them.

We have managed many clients over the years, so we know how to look at your specific industry, company size, sales model, and other important factors to determine which platforms are most advantageous for your company.

It’s expensive

LinkedIn may offer access to a high-value audience, but it comes at a steep price. The cost per click to advertise with LinkedIn is significantly higher than other social networks.

Some users are just job hunting

Not everyone you target on LinkedIn is in a position to make decisions regarding the products and services your business is offering. Some people are simply using the network to find employment opportunities.

Not great for e-commerce brands

If your business sells mostly to consumers, especially broad audiences of buyers, LinkedIn is probably not the best place to spend your marketing dollars.

3 month ramp up period

If you haven’t already been running a successful LinkedIn advertising strategy, it takes a minimum of 3 months to get your accounts ramped up with the performance data, content, and audience activity it needs for it to be a long term lead generating source for your business.

LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn Ads Work

It might not work for every business, but that’s truth of any advertising platform. You need a marketing agency partner who understands WHICH kinds of businesses work well on LinkedIn and HOW to get the right results.

Many businesses aren’t currently taking full advantage of LinkedIn Ads, which means that there’s less competition to deal with. If you haven’t tried LinkedIn Ads lately, you may want to give it a chance. We’ve seen some great results with our clients over the past couples of years.